Dear You

 Maybe I was wrong for many reasons for loved someone wrong. I loved him just for my passion. I was doing what I want. I ignored what my parent said to me. I forgot my religion rules. Many mistakes I made. Now, I realize I don’t have to love other man again. This is not the time. It just hurt me and make my sin gain more. Maybe there’s someone else who sneak a look at me everyday but please I wish his face will die on my mind. I don’t wanna get hurt again because stupid thing. Yeah, fall in love with someone else is not wrong. But, the real you have to hold up that feeling. I had a friend. She’s fell in love with someone. Everyday they’re sent many messages on BBM and WA. I also happy knowing that. She told to me if she feels flying high when she got text from him. But, someone who has loved by my friend taken someone else. She got hurt. You know? First feeling when you got nice word from someone special in your heart you’ll flying hight. But remember what I said you’ll down too. Don’t love too much. Don’t trust too much. Don’t hope too much. It will hurt you so much. I also flew high when knowing cool someone at my school cared to me. Everyday everynight he’s on my mind. I can learnt from my friend. I must stop thinking about him. Fiiuh, I’m not down. I don’t get hurt too much. I’m not flew too high again. Thanks for him who cared to me. I care about you too. But this is will better, if you stop give me care too much. I’m not wanna flying too high. First feeling that I have when knowing you care to me, my heart feel like the colours in autumn so bright. I have to stop it before I get hurt from you. I don’t wanna hope for have you. This is forbidden thing. I’m so sorry for many people who got hurt from myself which intention or not.

            So, please guys you must be careful when you have special feeling for someone. Don’t hope too much it will hurt you so much. Trust me. May Allah always protect us from wrong passion. Correct me if I’m wrong J

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