Something About Love

In here is rainy season. How about your city? I always feel cold anyway. So, not weird if I wear jacket to keep my body warm. Sometimes, I drink a cup of tea too. It will make my body better.
I’ll share to you about love. I don’t know why my classmates always say to me if there’s things about love. Well, I really don’t know what’s the true meaning of love. But, I’m human. So, I have to know what is love. Yeah, love is the beautiful gift from Allah. We must keep it. Don’t overdo anything because of love.
Falling in love is not wrong. But, maybe will better if we are building love. Build love for Allah and Rasulullah. To be honesty, I think you can do that if remember many hadis. Because in the lifetime we must remember Allah. Allah is the one who held us up when nobody cares.
Know or not, Rasulullah always loves us. You know, if we are do good thing in this while world, he will give us syafaat in the end day. In the world, maybe we are not same. But at the end of the day,  our graves will be the same size. I’m not kidding!
Okay, I would tell my story. My classmates always smile to me if there’s thing about love. You know why? Huft, because they’re think if I’m the one who knew about love. This is happen beacuse when my Indonesia language teacher gave task us about short story. I made a short story which the genre is romance. Well, that’s not wrong.
I don’t know why I always make story with romance genres. So, my friends always ask me “Hei Za, why you always make a romance story?” I just smiled and said if I just wrote what’s happen to me. I wrote my story with my heart. So, I tell to you again this is not wrong.
My classmates think if I’m in love with someone at my class. I guess, you knew him. I will not tell about him more. In this time, I’m not in love with someone else. What a miserable, my friends though if I’m in love with Aidan. I swear I’m not.
What my classmate said is very disturb me! However I don’t have special feeling for him. One of my best friend said, but we’re not in the same class. He’s in 9C I’m in 9D “Hey Za, do you fall in love with Aidan?” damn! Who’s makes that rumor. Seriously, this is just rumor. Don’t trust that.
I’m such surprised when my best friend asks me like that. But, I could explain fact to him if this is just rumor. Please you guys better silent than make a bullshit. Yeah, I hate rumor so much. Rumor is not fact. If you believe a rumor you must ask to yourself “is it true?”
Okay, maybe I know love. I knew it from a song. Love is light that surely glows in the hearts of those who know. It’s a steady flame that grows.

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