An Escape

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            We were both a kid when I first saw you. Act like don’t care what’s really going on. Actually, it’s memorable and I still remember. As I open my memories, it screams a loud for this one.
            That day is a freshman year at the college and I’m gonna be here for the next four years in this town. It feels strange and however I just sit and just know a little what’s going on until one day I saw you.
            I still remember in the past. You act well to me. Talk about the future and hope one day we will at the same place to embody those dreams. I told you how much my desire to watch Ramayana show at Prambanan temple and you always kidding me that you will be the one who always accompanies me wherever I go. Talk everything, share our dreams, and know our favorite movie each other.
            Until one day, it changes drastically. A sentence that changes a lot and makes a space between us. You’ve should never say that to me. The impacts are many. Nothing conversation, nothing jokes, nothing everything. Lost.
            Day by day passed until year by year passed, we don’t know each other and lost contact. I’m grateful, Allah sent me some nice friends. They hold my hand to do hijra. I mean, learn Islam more and leave bad habits before. It really helps me to forget you.
            But, destiny has written until I met you again. You saw me and I saw you. I really surprised about this. I still recognize you, maybe so do you. But we just keep silent and busy with our own mind. You stand awkwardly. No smile, no conversation.
            I don’t know what’s on your mind when you saw me. You’ve been hurt and I’m sorry for that because I don’t wanna make a special relationship before the day that blessed by Allah ta'ala. How deep you get hurt? I don’t know, but I hope you don’t mind the past. Stand the new you as a law student. Congrats, you made it.
            As surprised as I saw you. I learn much. Forget the past, and accept it gracefully. Would you mind to follow my way? Today, I can remember the sour moment in the past with a smile and a shiny acceptance because I realize, it’s not a big deal. During my effort to follow His guidance, I’m sure if Allah will rescue me unconditionally. Such a great learning the day that I saw you.

Written on a rainy day approaching midnight,
Surakarta, March 25, 2019

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  1. Replies
    1. nope
      I feel like nothing wrong when I met him again, so just move up
      cheer up! ;)

  2. aaah jadi inget kisah sendiri...

  3. keeping silent and busy with our own mind while the eyes look each other, it's painful thing. your past just a story, move up!


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