The Blooming Flowers

 “Seeing you felt like the dried flowers in my heart were watered again.”

-Hashim Y.A.


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Ever since, I learned if there is someone that her or his presence makes you feel alive, fulfilled with love, and feel blessed at the same time. I realize the glance makes me hard to find who is the one that really fits me and I can be a book that he’ll read everyday without an end. Someday, my friend told me..

“There is a day that we as a woman must be firm. Maybe not only one man that will come and ask you to be his spouse but maybe there is more than one man. I know your heart is soft, but remember, we can only choose the best man to be our life partner. Don’t get me wrong.” 

I nodded and I think like a beautiful flower, its fragrance would spread attention. There is a limit for us as a human. I mean, not all the good things that grab your attention deserves your attention, choose carefully.

A few days ago, I went to Jakarta, the capital city of my country. There are hope, dream, laugh, and a little nervousness about it. Sorry, I can’t tell you the detail, but it’s about me and my decision-making that maybe will surprise you, but for now, I’m not really sure how the end of it. But I believe, if we do what we love, not against our syariat, and get the blessing from our parents, everything will be okay and I accept whatever it is.

Inspired by Factfulness, a book that I’m currently reading now, sometimes we as a human often do overthinking. Whereas, the world isn’t bad as we thought. If we try to search the fact, almost everything in the world are going better, for instance, in health, education, empowerment, etc.

Ehm.. but it makes me think again, to be honest. I mean, yea from the book, I know if the world is going better, but how about me? Am I the one who contributes to a better world? From Baktinusa, an amazing scholarship I’ve received, I learn that no matter how small our action, it’ll give benefit to others. 

Now I’m feeling really fulfilled about this. It’s not about just me and my close circle, but it’s about humanity. Shown or not, both are good. Doing good deeds would be a good advantage for ourselves too in the end. Because from my beloved prophet, I know that the best creatures are those who give benefits to others.

For now, I’m feeling so blessed because God has sent the good circle around me. They support me to do good deeds. Connected in the first paragraph, I have no idea to think further about choosing the one who is best for me. I mean, maybe some of you have thought, what if in Eidl Fitr your big family would ask, when will you get married or related question. I’m not really giving attention to it because for now, in my mind, if you are surrounded by a good circle and you can do good things together, there is no loneliness inside of your heart. But if you are curious, is there someone who came to me, not just to me but also to my family, I think you know the answer. 

I don’t know, is my writing on English is understandable? Xixixi. I wanna try new things to write in English. I hope you are doing well and thank you for coming!

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  1. "I need to translate it into English to be able to understand."


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