To the Beautiful Soul

 To the beautiful soul that I admire..

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Oh hi, how was life? It’s been a long time since we don’t talk and I’m really curious about your condition right now. Uhm, let me know if there are some stories you wanna share to me. I’m here, I’m not moving anywhere. I’m in the same place.

About HOME

Do you remember we went to a café and talk many things? Your sweet soul leads me to be comfortable talking with you. I myself wonder, how can someone be this nice, polite, sweet, and humble at the same time. I’m pretty sure if there is a group surrounding this beautiful soul, they will admire how could someone be sooo nice at the moment.

I know you always cover the problem when they come in. When I’m asking you, is everything okay? You’ll smile and calm me if everything is okay, no worries. But deep in my heart as our connection get deep, I know that you are not okay at some moments. 

It’s pretty different for me, when I get the problem, like a river flows, my words flow into you and sometimes tears are shown up without me trying to cover them. I do it all because I believe in you. Then, you know how to calm me without must tell you the way.

But recently, I don’t hear anything from you till today you sent me a message, and ahhh you are sick. It's so pathetic and of course, I worry a lot about you. You said if there is a lot of work from clients that you must do, but you are too hard on yourself, you forget how to rest till you drop and sick.

Ahh, yesterday I sent you Go-Food that the menu contained toast and iced milk coffee, whereas you are in fever. Pardon me, I don’t know, really. But you said if your grandma/grandpa ate that too, I don’t have to feel guilty.

Oya, back to the moment when we were at café. You said, about home. Ya, home is about feeling not a place. You said, no matter how far I go, you are still there, at the same place, and able to receive me no matter what’s the condition. That’s really such a heart-touching, hmmm. I can say, me too. No matter how the future will be, just like you, I’m here, staying at the same place, and always excited to hear anything about you, inshaallah!

At this late Ramadan night, I pray for your health. May God remove your sickness and erase your sins because of it. I know you are strong, so you can survive and fight the illness inside of you :’). Sorry, I can’t come directly because of our distance, but may God always protect you wherever you are. Really, she is the most beautiful soul I ever know in my life. 

If you read this, please pray for her too. I would be happy if you do that. I think it’s enough. See you on another writing, inshaallah.

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